Apple Cider Vinegar

Who would want to drink vinegar right? But can I tell you that I am a firm believer in apple cider vinegar I believe that it is a remedy for so many things.  It hasn’t even been a year yet and I have seen changes in my body due to apple cider vinegar.

First reason why I started taking apple cider vinegar was that I heard and also read that it helps with period cramps and also helps with the flow of your cycle meaning for those who may experience heavy cycles it will ease your flow a bit or help clear it up fully.

  • Now can I tell you since I have been taking the cider vinegar it not only reduced the flow from heavy to light but I didn’t experience anymore clotting.
  • Also for my period which normally lasts 7 days I would experience pains ’til the last day, now I only experience pains on the first two days, which is a big improvement.

Secondly, apple cider vinegar has helped me with my weight loss tremendously. After much research I realized a lot of people who lost weight and they said it was due to drinking apple cider vinegar.  For me I believe that it does work because when I first started on my weight loss journey I wasn’t exercising as much, but I would drink apple cider vinegar before my meals and reason being drinking it before my meals was because apple cider vinegar is said to break down the fat in your body and help get rid of it.  And I believe it did just that for me because I do see a difference in my body especially around my mid-section.

Also when I was in Jamaica, there was a time where every single person in my family became really ill.  I mean throwing up, having fever, coughing, you name it they had it.  I was the only individual who did not have any symptoms.  Honestly I believe it was because I was taking my cider vinegar on a daily basis.  They would take it from time to time but I was dedicated to taking it everyday even if I only managed to just drink it once for the day I made sure of it.

Besides drinking it to kill any bad bacteria in my body, while my aunt was sick I would wipe down everything with the vinegar to kill the germs because it is also a great household disinfectant especially to kill any flu virus and it also got rid of any flies around the house.

Those are the great benefits that I have received from drinking apple cider vinegar, but it is used to help treat so many other things e.g. yeast infections, toe fungus, psoriasis, dandruff and so much more.

The brand of apple cider vinegar that I use:


Bragg Usda Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 Fluid Ounce

Let me know what apple cider vinegar has done for you or let me know if you’re going to try it.  You can use the highlighted link above to order it on Amazon if you would like to try it.

Have a blessed day guys!

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Jamaica…. Jamaica

Jamaica is such a beautiful island.  I am not just saying that because that is where I was raised.  It is really one of God’s greatest gifts.  Everything about Jamaica from the culture, to the music, the food, the people, the fashion, the scenery.  It is paradise.

The day I decided to move to the U.S. was honestly the worst decision I could have ever made.  Leaving Jamaica at such a young age I didn’t realize how much of my happiness I was leaving behind.

When I left Jamaica in 2006, I hadn’t returned until December 2015.  Can I tell you it was heaven on earth.  Returning after so many years and being older now, I actually regret ever leaving.  Jamaica is where my heart is, where I consider home.  No one could ever understand the feeling that Jamaica gives me.

There are so many places to see….


One place that I loved visiting is a place called ‘Blue Hole’, where the river connects the infamous Ocho Rios that many know and the parish of St. Mary. The scenery is beautiful and the different obstacles are very fun to do.

Another thing that I absolutely love about Jamaica is the music. I am a lover of dancehall music but also love hearing the steel drums being played.  Those drums give off such a heavenly sound when being played.


The next place I enjoyed in Jamaica is Rick’s Cafe.  Can I tell you it is just a magnificent place.  The way the sea looks just shows how great God is.  The main attraction at Rick’s Cafe is jumping off the cliffs, which I didn’t do, because the cliffs are very high and you can get injured, but a lot of people have done it successfully without getting hurt so don’t let me discourage you lol.

Now, for the food…. There are so many delicious foods and snacks, I don’t even know where to start lol.

Today I guess I will just cover the some snacks that I love, because with the different foods in Jamaica I can go on for days but don’t you worry I will cover that in future blogs.  IT IS A MUST!!!!

My first favorite snacks are:


  • Chippies Banana Chips which seemed to have been very scarce when I was in Jamaica but no worries I have found a link that you can buy all the Chippies in the world so that you can enjoy them as much as I do.



  • Now if,  for some reason you can’t find those my next favorite are St. Mary Banana Chips not as great as Chippies but it is does the job when my palate is craving banana chips.


  • Next snack I love is Big Foot, it is a cheese puff with a very distinctive taste I am in love with this snack I can eat it all day, I like the original one but here’s a link for the Spicy Big Foot which I’ve heard is pretty good.  By the way holiday snacks are made in Trinidad but distributed in Jamaica.



  • The next thing I love in Jamaica is called ‘bag juice’ or other islands know it as ‘fruit bag’.  It is normally sold frozen hard and you bite one corner of the bag and suck the juice out.  It is also a very cheap, cool and refreshing beverage.  Where i’m from in Jamaica it costs around 10 JA dollars which is equivalent to about 75 cents U.S.



  • Coconut Water! And I don’t mean bottled coconut water,  I mean coconut water straight from the coconut with the coconut jelly on the inside. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!


  • Last but not least Pepper Shrimp which I love because I love spicy foods.  Very tasty snack that you can’t stop eating and you will get a decent size bag for 300 JA dollars, that you just cant get enough of.  I will be posting a recipe very soon on how I make my Pepper Shrimp, when I’m craving them in the U.S.


Since there are so many foods that i can talk about, I will cover just the snacks today.

This is just a taste of how great Jamaica is.  There will be many postings on Jamaica in the future.  Seriously if you have the opportunity to visit I say go for it, you will not regret it.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and enjoyed the images and I hope you decided to try out some of the snacks that I’ve posted.

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Have a Great Day and Much Love!! ❤

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Dealing with depression….. Boy oh boy there is so much I can say about depression. Depression is a very cruel thing.  It can really take a toll on a person’s life.  But do you want it to take a toll on your life?  Do you want to continue to suffer through it?  What can you do?  What should you do?  Should you fall victim to this horrible thing called depression? I think not!

I have faced depression for many, many, years and can I tell you, IT IS HORRIBLE!  I believe I started experiencing it from age 6 or 7.  But one thing about me is that I hide things very well so no one knew what was going through my head.  I didn’t even know what was wrong with me at that age, I didn’t even know what depression meant.  I just either thought I was having a bad day or something was wrong with me.  Ever since a young age I have been trapped by my thoughts.  That is the worst thing ever.  I felt unloved, unwanted, betrayed, ugly.  Sometimes you can say I hated myself.  But, why did I hate myself? Was something lacking in my life?  Was it because as a child I experienced bullying?  Was it because I experienced mental and physical abuse?  Or was I just not tough enough?

Do all those questions sound familiar?  Do you blame yourself for depression?

First thing’s first, never ever blame yourself or hate yourself because of depression.  It is not your fault.  Genetic influence can be partially responsible for depression so if someone in your family suffers through depression it can easily influenced on you genetically.  Sometimes it’s your hormones releasing and you have no clue what to do with yourself.  You could have gone through a traumatic experience in your life.  Negative childhood memories can cause you to be depressed even after many years have passed.  Being constantly bullied is another reason.  The biggest one is what the media portrays so if you don’t live a certain life or look a certain way you aren’t accepted in this world.

But do you think that this is right?  Do you think that it is fair to let all those things affect your life and control how you live?  Do you want to stay in a depressive state?

I know I didn’t….

Here are some things that can be beneficial to you or someone you know that may need help

  1. Something as simple as INCREASING YOUR WATER INTAKE, minimum 8 glasses per day.  Water isn’t just great for hydration, it helps to energize your mind and body.  With the more energy you have, your body starts to produce “feel good” hormones that triggers your brain to be happy.
  2. EXERCISE!  Exercise doesn’t mean that you have to lift those big heavy weights or run on the treadmill like you’re practicing for a marathon.  Do some form of activity that will get your heart rate pumping eg. dancing, swimming, boxing, instead of just letting your dog run loose in the backyard take him out for a walk.  Exercise is good for every age and even if you’re happy with your weight it still can be very beneficial.  Once again those “feel good” hormones will start releasing.
  3. Another thing that you can do is TALK TO SOMEONE,  this can be the hardest one to do.  If you can’t afford a therapist, talk to someone that will understand and not be judgmental, someone that you know you can truly depend on.  If you think that you will feel better by talking to someone that doesn’t know you at all there are community centers that offer counseling.  If you’re in school don’t be afraid to talk to your guidance counselors or teachers they are there to help you.  If you can afford a therapist I say go for it, sometimes they can help you analyze things in a way you couldn’t even think of.  Also I know many may not be into going to a therapist because they may prescribe drugs to you, but some therapist can tell you about natural vitamins that you can take if you’re not comfortable with taking prescribed medicines.  If you’re a parent and your child is showing signs of depression of any sort talk to them, spend a little more time with them just the comfort of knowing that you truly care for them can go a long way.
  4. EAT PROPERLY!  Veggies and proteins are very important to your diet.  Protein is a must in your diet.  Eating properly consists of not only what you eat but how much you eat.  Just because you eat fairly healthy doesn’t mean that too much isn’t bad.  This website helped me a lot .
  5. Last but not least and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF!  Before you can help anyone else, you have to help yourself first.  Take care of you, and the first thing you can do by taking care of yourself is loving yourself.

I hoped this will be beneficial to someone I will talk more in depth another day, but let me know what you guys think about today’s topic.  Leave your questions and comments.  And as always thank you so much for the support and taking the time out to read this.

Gaining Weight in the Blink of an Eye…

Growing up I have always been the big girl as far back as I could remember.  I was always picked on and not accepted because of my appearance.  In prep school “my friends” would always pick on me and say that I couldn’t play with them.  I even remember one specific time where they were pretending to be the Spice Girls and I couldn’t play because I was too fat.  This is what the media teaches our society that only certain images are accepted in the world today.  But is that really so?  But being that I was a child I ignored “my friends” and just ate all the wrong things because they were considered my comfort foods and being treated like that by people I considered “my friends”, you could say I was depressed, but i didn’t know because food made me happy.

When my grandmother would take me to the doctor for my check ups my doctor would send me to different nutritionists because they said I was overweight for my age and they would be afraid that I would get diabetes at such a young age.  But because I didn’t understand the importance of my health and how serious diabetes is I still ate all the snacks I wanted and felt content because it tasted so good, plus food was my comfort when I was sad or depressed.

I was a very active child I played tennis, I was a part of a swim club, I would play outside with other children but my eating habits were so horrible. Which proves that exercise alone can’t help you keep your weight down,that is only part of the battle won.

I moved to the United States from Jamaica when I was thirteen, I still didn’t have any interest in losing weight so I ate whatever I wanted especially junk food because my mother didn’t cook.  And we all know that the US is the best place to eat all the wrong foods.  Everything is supersized and saturated in fat and sugar which is not good for your heart or body at all.  And I was one of those children that didn’t have the best connection with my mother, so eating all these different foods from all these unhealthy fast food restaurants I thought I was in heaven.

Once I graduated high school and got a job, I made friends with one of my coworkers who wanted to lose weight and so we ended up becoming fitness buddies and when I initially started working out and eating healthier I was age 19, weighing 217lbs and at my 20th birthday I weighed 170lbs.  I was so proud because I had lost just about 50lbs, I not only looked amazing, I felt great.

Then I started going out because I felt confident and I met this guy and we started dating and when you date you’re constantly going out to eat well at least that’s how it was for me and because this was the first guy I had ever truly dated he was my focus.  I also believe that he was my focus because I was lacking attention from other people so I stopped caring about everything else and stopped working out because he made me happy.  Because I was so comfortable with him, the weight just piled on and just by the blink of an eye I was over 217lbs again.  MY WORST NIGHTMARE EVER.

And as you know, like most your first date is not the person that you end up with in the future.  There became arguments and our relationship dwindled down. So I’m left with a broken heart and unwanted fat all over my body.

But now I’m back on this weight loss journey trying to fight my daily life struggles and kill the fat off my body.  Which has been going great so far, so follow up with me and if you’re on a weight loss journey let me know what you’re doing and I will be posting my tips, advice, the pros and cons of this journey and my progress.

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