Hi guys my name is Kailey. I am a Jamerican (Jamaican and American). I am an individual trying to put the pieces of my life together one day at a time. My goal is to entertain my audience and inspire people from all over the world and put smiles on their faces. I’m new to having an audience and putting my life out there on the internet besides snapchat lol (I mean who doesn’t love snapchat). So follow my story….. A lost soul trying to find her calling in life.

My content will have many different discussion boards from life stories, weight and fitness journeys, cooking tips ( I just love trying new recipes) and also my journeys to get my certifications to fulfill my career goals and interests which I will share in my postings. Last but not least, most importantly my wonderful trips to the beautiful island of Jamaica.
Thank you for taking the time to follow my life and I hope that I put a smile on your face.

Business Email:  kailey.tie@gmail.com

Snapchat: mzmarie_23

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