24 things learned by age 24 …

Today I felt compelled to talk about all the things I have experienced/ learned by my 24th birthday.
Many think being an infant is the best part of a human’s life but if you think about it, how can it be? When everyone is bigger than you and you can’t do the same thing as everyone, that is frustrating for a baby. Or even the simple fact that when you’re small and everyone constantly wants to lift you up or squeeze your cheeks because you’re so cute, that can be annoying for a baby.
Then you reach age 3 and start wanting to be more independent and rushing to be older so that you can have the nicer more advanced toys like the big kids.
Fast forwarding now, you’ve reached your teenage stages of life and then you start to bump heads with your parents, so then you wish you were 18.
Your 18th birthday comes around and so it’s not as big as you thought it would be, you don’t feel any different especially because your parents are still overbearing so you want to live on your own cause you’re now officially an adult by law.
You’re finally 18 now, and considered an adult by law but now you aren’t content enough with being 18 because you still can’t do the samething like the 21 year olds.
You want to be 21 so bad, so that you can be completely legit. Being allowed to drink and go into certain clubs and so forth.
Then after 21 comes it’s like life becomes more complex and realistic to you and the things you didn’t expect or prepare for happened and now your maturity starts setting in.
And I think that this is what a lot of us think, and a lot of us grow up too quickly without being prepared for what life has to throw at us.
So here are things I’ve learned by 24:
1. No matter what stages you are at in life there will be ups and downs.
– What I’ve learned from going through ups and downs is that when you’re truly going through rough patches you learn to be strong and overcome, and also have faith that it will get better for you. And even in good times remember to be appreciative.

2. People will come in and out of your life.
– My lesson learned from this is that you can’t trust everyone that comes into your life and also watch what information you share with others.

3. Once you’re an adult you worry less about buying the latest shoes or wasting your money on unnecessary items and focus on your bills first and making smart investments towards your future.

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances.
– Regardless what you do in your life, there will be people watching your every move and judging you. BUT REMEMBER while you’re doing something in your life to make yourself better, they’re wasting their time judging you while you’re climbing up the ladder.

5. You finally start to understand the difference between love and lust.

6. I learned that having too many friends isn’t everything. People aren’t always in it for your best interest.

7. Having your own personal space is VERY important.
– Being alone helps you think through important things in your life and how to make your life better.

8. Drinking isn’t important.

9. Partying isn’t important.

10. Being independent is satisfying.

11. Focusing on your health becomes more important.

12. Sometimes there is a struggle reaching your dreams but hard work pays off.

13. Just because you’re older now doesn’t mean you have to have your life 100% figured out.
– Things come in the way and life changes constantly.

14. It’s ok not to be in a relationship.

15. It’s ok to say NO!

16. It’s ok to make mistakes.

17. Don’t be ashamed to make friendships with unpopular people.

18. Be organized!

19. Make goals and follow through with them – Even if you fail atleast you tried and that’s what is most important.

20. Men will say whatever just to have their way with you.
– Stay strong women!

21. Asking for help is ok, don’t be afraid.

22. Learning something new everyday whether it’s about yourself or just about life in general is very rewarding.

23. If you say you’re going to do something, follow through with it.

24. Most importantly take your time in life and be patient.
– Patience is KEY🔑



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