Facial Eczema… How do I handle it?

Do you live in cold climates?  Being from Jamaica and traveling back and forth to the different climates.  I can definitely say my skin reacts differently in the different weathers.

And I can say my worst outbreaks happen in cold climate….

Does anyone else experience these problems?  If you do here’s a way to keep your eczema under control….

First I use olive oil or coconut oil and rub it in all over my face especially my really bad affected areas, which in my case would be my cheeks.

eczema bad 1
My face all dried up and irritated 😦

Then I use pure raw honey and rub it in all over and wherever I feel needs most attention.  Wherever I feel needs more attention I use a little extra honey in those affected areas because they suck up more moisturizer because the area is so dry.

I massage the honey into my skin, then I leave it on my face until I see the honey dried up and somewhat disappearing.

Next I wash it off, dry my face with a towel and then leave my skin.

I don’t put anything on my face once everything is washed off.  I leave my skin alone overnight, so that my skin can breathe.

And that’s it! 🙂

Much improvement and the outbreak calmed down



Honey is a natural antibacterial product which is great for acne or anything that may be in your pores which might be causing your eczema to act up.

Honey makes your skin glow and it has antioxidants which helps rejuvenate your skin and helps the aging of your skin to slow down.  So it can also be used as an anti-aging product.

And of course it helps with extraction and moisturizing.

Hope this helps you guys out there that suffer with extra dry skin like myself.  And I will show future updates as time goes by.

As always Peace && Love ❤ . Stay Blessed

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