Dry Hair, Dry Scalp, Tender Curly Head :(

If you have naturally curly hair but suffer from itchy scalp, tender head and really bad dry scalp then, I’m here to help you with a few tips.

As you know I swear by apple cider vinegar.  If you have ever watched ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” the way the family feels about Windex curing everything is how i feel about Apple Cider Vinegar.


So there was a young lady who commented on my last apple cider vinegar related blog and she said it worked for her scalp.  This was her comment “I use apple cider vinegar to cleanse my scalp. I have natural hair and after using what seems like every product on the market, I found that this works best. It restores ph balance to my hair making it soft and manageable. I love it!”  So after I read her comment I figured since I am such a firm believer in apple cider vinegar, why not try it in my hair?……

I could only remember trying it in my hair once and couldn’t recall the results because I didn’t keep up with it.

Unruly, dry and losing curl pattern 😦

So, I decided to give it another try and keep up with it for every wash and of course it did not disappoint.

The first thing I did was just pour the pure apple cider vinegar all over my hair and scalp and left it in all day, and went to look about my errands.

Then when I came home and was ready to wash my hair, I left in theapple cider vinegar and used my regular everyday shampoo to soap up my hair.

The shampoo that I use is ‘Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo‘ or ‘Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo.’

Because of my bad scalp I tend to wash my hair three times.

Then, I use my ‘Aussie Moisture Conditioner‘ which I love because it makes my curls luxurious, and not to mention it is affordable.  Another conditioner that I love is ‘AMLA Legend‘ it definitely leaves your hair soft and shiny.

Now although those conditioners work for my hair it doesn’t keep my hair feeling moisturized all week.

But just by simply adding the apple cider vinegar to my hair regimen. I can say I definitely see a difference.  It makes my hair feel soft until my next wash.  Most times I would have to wash my hair more than once a week because my scalp would be so itchy and my scalp would be very tender.  Now I can leave my hair for 2 weeks without any problem and without my scalp feeling irritated.  Since using the apple cider vinegar the flakes on my scalp have reduced tremendously.

S/N- A way that may help tender scalp is by avoiding sulfate and paraben free shampoos.

So, if you have unruly curls and a bad scalp try this method because apple cider vinegar definitely does wonders for my scalp and hair.

Results since I started using apple cider vinegar 🙂

Stay Blessed ❤ .

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  1. Wow! your hair looks beautiful. I love Apple Cider Vinegar too. It does so much. I drink a teaspoon or so of it in hot water with honey almost every day. It’s a good all-over tonic for your body.


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