Sunday Blues…..

Sundays can be an awesome day and for some a depressing day, others a boring day.  What are Sundays like for you?

Why would Sundays be an awesome day to many ?

Well for me, my Sundays used to be so great because I was always surrounded by family. Sundays for me used to be known as family day and the day you go to church. And of course, one of my most favorite things on Sunday is looking forward to Sunday dinner. If you’re a family oriented person like myself you know how great Sunday dinners are, especially in a Jamaican home lol 😊

Why would Sundays be a depressing day?

Sundays can be depressing if you live on your own and no family around. That’s my current situation.  Growing up with a certain tradition, on Sunday being the day to spend with family it can take a toll on you, once that tradition is gone. It can be really hard.

Now the big question is what do I do?  How do I try not to let it get to me?

Now that I live miles and miles away from any of my family. How do I manage?

Well, to tell you many times I don’t handle it very well.  I used to be sad and just try to sleep the day away. I used to cry, sometimes even avoid eating.  Can I tell you, that is not healthy at all so if you’re one of those people, quit while you can.

What I try to do is keep myself motivated, I work out at home or go to the gym, I do things that I like, for instance cooking or practicing my beauty skills, and now picked up blogging. I also try to get hours to work on Sundays and most importantly I video call my family a lot so it’s kind of like filling the empty feeling that I get.

I have tried to make friends, but making friends in the city that I live hasn’t really worked out for me because no one in my city really cares about anyone but themselves and if they act like they are your friends it’s only temporary until they can squeeze out every little thing from you and take advantage of you.  To be honest I’ve never had a real friend from the city in which I live.  Everyone fights to get to the top and be in competition, instead of helping each other reach to the top.

All of my true friends which aren’t that many, but I’ve known for years we also live far from one another. My friends and I are scattered throughout the globe so we don’t physically get to hang out we can just text, call or FaceTime.  But, keeping in contact with them does help also.  Of course, friends don’t replace your family but true friends become like family so they do help the situation a lot.

And of course, this isn’t just advice for Sunday blues, but advice for whenever you’re feeling down and missing your family.  It’s really hard but have faith and even if you’re down remember it won’t always be that way. Have faith that things will get better.

With faith all things are possible. With faith comes success and true happiness.

Don’t let a situation take control of your life. Take control of the situation.

Have a blessed day….

Happy Sunday


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