Dry Skin Facial Scrub Formula… Works Wonders!


All you need is:

1 tbs. yellow refined cornmeal

  • This is what will scrub off any dead skin and impurities from your face.

1 tsp. 100% lemon juice or you can use fresh 1/2 cut lemon. If you don’t have lemon you may use lime.

  • This will help remove any dark spots that you may have on your face

1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar will help restore the ph balance of your face which will help it to not be so dry. Which is very beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin due to cold climates.

1 tbs. honey

  • Honey helps with moisturizing, it helps with exfoliating your face and also cleans your pores not to mention it smells great.



Once you have your mixture together it should have a semi thick consistency.

Now it’s time to scrub your face, start scrubbing, but don’t scrub too hard as the grains of the cornmeal are already coarse enough and you don’t want to irritate your skin. Remember to scrub from your nose to your ears not the other way as you want your facial tissues to always to remain tight. Prevent mixture from getting in your eyes.

Once you’ve scrubbed all over your face and you’re sure you got all the dead skin off, wash the mixture off  your face and remember not to get the mixture in your eyes.



Dry your face feel how smooth it is and rub on a little coconut oil or olive oil or you may use any other face moisturizer that you may lIke so that you replenish your facial tissues as your face has produced new skin since you have gotten rid off all the old damaged skin.

This little remedy helps your skin in so many ways and your face will feel smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Hope this helps you guys! 😁

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