I’ve gained so much weight and now I don’t know how to lose it….

Have you gained a lot of weight? Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your body? Well I’m here to help you….

The first step is to find the real reason why you want to lose weight….

Are you losing weight for YOU? Or are you losing weight to impress someone else?  If you are losing weight for you, then keep on reading……

I asked that question firstly because if you aren’t losing weight because YOU want to lose weight then most likely you won’t succeed.  You have to want this from deep within for yourself.

So once you’ve figured out that you want to lose weight for YOU, you’ve overcome the first struggle.

Next, is trying to figure out what made you gain all this weight?  Once you’ve figured out the reason behind it, then think about how you’re going to handle the situation to better your health. Now if you’ve gained weight due to pregnancy then I am not talking about you.  Pregnancy weight is natural for most women, but you are more than welcome to follow the tips that I give.

If you’re an individual who has gained weight due to improper eating, being a couch potato, due to stress, depression or whatever the case may be.  How can you change those situations in your life for the better?

Next is starting proper eating.  I am no advocate for diets because if you’re like me you never stick to diets, and I don’t believe that dieting is a lifestyle.  You want to make healthy eating your lifestyle.

  • First way you can go about proper eating is excluding all the junk food in your house.  You will be surprised to see how empty your kitchen will get.
  • Second make a grocery list and don’t put any junk foods on that list, if you don’t buy it, you won’t be tempted to indulge in it at home.
  • On that grocery list your main items should be fruits, veggies, protein and water. (If you’re going to drink juices then i suggest juicing or buying juices that are made with 100% fruits and veggies with no additives or preservatives.)
  • With your grocery list make sure what you have on there can make tasty meals and don’t just buy foods that you’ll probably waste because it is “too healthy”.  There are tasty foods out there that taste really great you just have to try different things and see what you like best. For instance when I am craving pasta I either buy Ronzoni Garden Delight  Ronzoni SuperGreens Rotini Pasta.  If you have rice on your list then substitute it for Royal Basmati Rice  Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice .  If you’re like me and like sweets then I say buy Nestle, Skinny Cow or trail mix with chocolates

So these are just examples of eating what you want to eat but choosing the healthier way. Remember just because it is healthier doesn’t mean you eat more of it.  Everything is about moderation. If you would like me to post a blog going in depth about what I put on my grocery list let me know.

Once you have you have started eating healthier you will already notice a difference in your body and you will feel more energized.  Most importantly you have won half the battle.

Next step is becoming active….

That doesn’t mean to sign up for a gym membership that you’ll probably stop using after awhile because you became tired of the gym or go running when you know you hate running.

Becoming active is all about doing things you like to do without thinking of it as a chore. For instance if you have a dog that you love then take him for a walk instead of just letting him loose in the backyard.  You will be able to bond with him and both you and your dog will get your heart rate pumping.  Or if you don’t feel like walking with your dog go out in the backyard and play with him.

If there is a school with a track or park nearby use that as your exercise territory instead of a gym membership that is how i started out losing weight and saved my money.  I started out first walking around the track then going up and down the bleacher steps and it didn’t seem like a chore to me because I was outdoors and interacted with other people.

Or if you’re a home body or if you live in a cold climate then you can invest in some AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand  or  Wacces Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart & Resistance Band Carrying Case, 11 Piece resistance bands for basic workouts just to get yourself started.

Last step is sticking to this lifestyle.  Once you get used to the positive and healthy changes you have made in your life then it will just come as part of your normal daily routine and not seem dreadful.

Make the change in your life, you won’t regret it!

Leave your comments below if you would like me to show exercises that you can do, I’d love to post them for you and you will get future blogs going in depth about questions you may have.

And if you have any beneficial input that you would like to share with others, leave a comment below.

Interact with me let me know what you’d like me to talk about in future blogs.

As always much love ❤

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