Bleaching in Jamaica…..

First of all I’m going to say I am not judging anyone who wants to bleach their skin, to each his own.  But, the mindset of the whole bleaching trend is what I want to talk about.

Now bleaching has been around forever, from before I was born, and as the years go by it has become more and more popular due to people on the street seeing others do it and wanting to try it for themselves, or from the media in Jamaica promoting it.


We all know who Vybz Kartel is, he is a legend in the dancehall community.  With him having so much recognition, he has become a big influence in the people bleaching today from him promoting bleaching and cake soap in his songs and videos to him doing it to his own skin.  If you grew up on Vybz Kartel music like I did, you would know that he bleaches his skin even if he never promoted it, you would know, that is how much his skin color has changed.   I went to his birthday party in January and you guys should have seen how they had a huge table with cake soap for sale and so many men and women were buying it.  He has definitely been making a profit from this soap.


For those who don’t know what cake soap is.  Cake soap is what people in Jamaica use to wash their clothes.  Now that tells you how harsh and strong the chemicals are in cake soap.


Now, Kartel does the whole bleaching thing because he wants to and i guess forhis own personal reason whatever they may be.  But, I was watching this video where different people were talking about why they bleach their skin and the comments were just mind blowing.

Some people couldn’t say why they bleach their skin, they said they do it just because they wanted to. Some were asked if they didn’t like their complexion, they said they loved their natural complexion, but they wanted change.  OK…

In an interview a lady was asked why would you bleach if the chemicals in the cake soap can cause cancer? And do you know what the response was? “Oh mi can just go a doctor and pay fi dem cure me.”  Really now?  I neva know seh is suh it go.  What do you guys think? lol

Another lady who was questioned about her bleaching said that she had to stop because she had become pregnant, which is commendable because she was looking out for her child but then she said that she started back the day after her child was born.  Now don’t you think that just even having the baby exposed to the chemicals in your house can affect the child.

If you’re Jamaican you have seen the ‘bleachaz’ on the road and the way they dress.  Now me being from Jamaica I could never dress like the ‘bleachaz’ because I would be too hot.  They can’t be exposed to any sunlight so they are covered from head to toe with umbrellas, hats, glasses, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, knee high socks.  Now with the climate in Jamaica how can one ever be comfortable with all that clothing? Like you can tell who’s bleaching most times because of how they dress.

Like I said I am not passing any judgment, I just think this bleaching trend is very interesting and fascinating.  Let me know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Bleaching in Jamaica…..

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  1. Really..
    that’s a new fad..

    Oooooh my goodness ..

    Don’t people realize the color of the skin is due to the climate
    Of the country you live in..
    Dark complexion is to endure the heat and the sun ☀️…

    People are so gullible.. and always really to try anything.. without knowing the side effects…

    Wt…. Smh…


  2. It absolutely breaks my heart that we are not happy with who we are. Skin bleaching, plastic surgery for no medical need, wearing make-up daily… we have become so accustom to what the media and popular culture says is acceptable, we all think we need to be fair skinned, because that is the standard of beauty…. my heart aches as I type this. So sad!


      1. Indeed! Thank you so much for sharing! I knew about this bleaching thing but I didn’t know how bad it was. Skin damaging…and it’s people of color….so heartbreaking

        Liked by 1 person

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