Gaining Weight in the Blink of an Eye…

Growing up I have always been the big girl as far back as I could remember.  I was always picked on and not accepted because of my appearance.  In prep school “my friends” would always pick on me and say that I couldn’t play with them.  I even remember one specific time where they were pretending to be the Spice Girls and I couldn’t play because I was too fat.  This is what the media teaches our society that only certain images are accepted in the world today.  But is that really so?  But being that I was a child I ignored “my friends” and just ate all the wrong things because they were considered my comfort foods and being treated like that by people I considered “my friends”, you could say I was depressed, but i didn’t know because food made me happy.

When my grandmother would take me to the doctor for my check ups my doctor would send me to different nutritionists because they said I was overweight for my age and they would be afraid that I would get diabetes at such a young age.  But because I didn’t understand the importance of my health and how serious diabetes is I still ate all the snacks I wanted and felt content because it tasted so good, plus food was my comfort when I was sad or depressed.

I was a very active child I played tennis, I was a part of a swim club, I would play outside with other children but my eating habits were so horrible. Which proves that exercise alone can’t help you keep your weight down,that is only part of the battle won.

I moved to the United States from Jamaica when I was thirteen, I still didn’t have any interest in losing weight so I ate whatever I wanted especially junk food because my mother didn’t cook.  And we all know that the US is the best place to eat all the wrong foods.  Everything is supersized and saturated in fat and sugar which is not good for your heart or body at all.  And I was one of those children that didn’t have the best connection with my mother, so eating all these different foods from all these unhealthy fast food restaurants I thought I was in heaven.

Once I graduated high school and got a job, I made friends with one of my coworkers who wanted to lose weight and so we ended up becoming fitness buddies and when I initially started working out and eating healthier I was age 19, weighing 217lbs and at my 20th birthday I weighed 170lbs.  I was so proud because I had lost just about 50lbs, I not only looked amazing, I felt great.

Then I started going out because I felt confident and I met this guy and we started dating and when you date you’re constantly going out to eat well at least that’s how it was for me and because this was the first guy I had ever truly dated he was my focus.  I also believe that he was my focus because I was lacking attention from other people so I stopped caring about everything else and stopped working out because he made me happy.  Because I was so comfortable with him, the weight just piled on and just by the blink of an eye I was over 217lbs again.  MY WORST NIGHTMARE EVER.

And as you know, like most your first date is not the person that you end up with in the future.  There became arguments and our relationship dwindled down. So I’m left with a broken heart and unwanted fat all over my body.

But now I’m back on this weight loss journey trying to fight my daily life struggles and kill the fat off my body.  Which has been going great so far, so follow up with me and if you’re on a weight loss journey let me know what you’re doing and I will be posting my tips, advice, the pros and cons of this journey and my progress.

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