Gaining Weight in the Blink of an Eye…

Growing up I have always been the big girl as far back as I could remember.  I was always picked on and not accepted because of my appearance.  In prep school “my friends” would always pick on me and say that I couldn’t play with them.  I even remember one specific time where they were pretending to be the Spice Girls and I couldn’t play because I was too fat.  This is what the media teaches our society that only certain images are accepted in the world today.  But is that really so?  But being that I was a child I ignored “my friends” and just ate all the wrong things because they were considered my comfort foods and being treated like that by people I considered “my friends”, you could say I was depressed, but i didn’t know because food made me happy.

When my grandmother would take me to the doctor for my check ups my doctor would send me to different nutritionists because they said I was overweight for my age and they would be afraid that I would get diabetes at such a young age.  But because I didn’t understand the importance of my health and how serious diabetes is I still ate all the snacks I wanted and felt content because it tasted so good, plus food was my comfort when I was sad or depressed.

I was a very active child I played tennis, I was a part of a swim club, I would play outside with other children but my eating habits were so horrible. Which proves that exercise alone can’t help you keep your weight down,that is only part of the battle won.

I moved to the United States from Jamaica when I was thirteen, I still didn’t have any interest in losing weight so I ate whatever I wanted especially junk food because my mother didn’t cook.  And we all know that the US is the best place to eat all the wrong foods.  Everything is supersized and saturated in fat and sugar which is not good for your heart or body at all.  And I was one of those children that didn’t have the best connection with my mother, so eating all these different foods from all these unhealthy fast food restaurants I thought I was in heaven.

Once I graduated high school and got a job, I made friends with one of my coworkers who wanted to lose weight and so we ended up becoming fitness buddies and when I initially started working out and eating healthier I was age 19, weighing 217lbs and at my 20th birthday I weighed 170lbs.  I was so proud because I had lost just about 50lbs, I not only looked amazing, I felt great.

Then I started going out because I felt confident and I met this guy and we started dating and when you date you’re constantly going out to eat well at least that’s how it was for me and because this was the first guy I had ever truly dated he was my focus.  I also believe that he was my focus because I was lacking attention from other people so I stopped caring about everything else and stopped working out because he made me happy.  Because I was so comfortable with him, the weight just piled on and just by the blink of an eye I was over 217lbs again.  MY WORST NIGHTMARE EVER.

And as you know, like most your first date is not the person that you end up with in the future.  There became arguments and our relationship dwindled down. So I’m left with a broken heart and unwanted fat all over my body.

But now I’m back on this weight loss journey trying to fight my daily life struggles and kill the fat off my body.  Which has been going great so far, so follow up with me and if you’re on a weight loss journey let me know what you’re doing and I will be posting my tips, advice, the pros and cons of this journey and my progress.

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24 things learned by age 24 …

Today I felt compelled to talk about all the things I have experienced/ learned by my 24th birthday.
Many think being an infant is the best part of a human’s life but if you think about it, how can it be? When everyone is bigger than you and you can’t do the same thing as everyone, that is frustrating for a baby. Or even the simple fact that when you’re small and everyone constantly wants to lift you up or squeeze your cheeks because you’re so cute, that can be annoying for a baby.
Then you reach age 3 and start wanting to be more independent and rushing to be older so that you can have the nicer more advanced toys like the big kids.
Fast forwarding now, you’ve reached your teenage stages of life and then you start to bump heads with your parents, so then you wish you were 18.
Your 18th birthday comes around and so it’s not as big as you thought it would be, you don’t feel any different especially because your parents are still overbearing so you want to live on your own cause you’re now officially an adult by law.
You’re finally 18 now, and considered an adult by law but now you aren’t content enough with being 18 because you still can’t do the samething like the 21 year olds.
You want to be 21 so bad, so that you can be completely legit. Being allowed to drink and go into certain clubs and so forth.
Then after 21 comes it’s like life becomes more complex and realistic to you and the things you didn’t expect or prepare for happened and now your maturity starts setting in.
And I think that this is what a lot of us think, and a lot of us grow up too quickly without being prepared for what life has to throw at us.
So here are things I’ve learned by 24:
1. No matter what stages you are at in life there will be ups and downs.
– What I’ve learned from going through ups and downs is that when you’re truly going through rough patches you learn to be strong and overcome, and also have faith that it will get better for you. And even in good times remember to be appreciative.

2. People will come in and out of your life.
– My lesson learned from this is that you can’t trust everyone that comes into your life and also watch what information you share with others.

3. Once you’re an adult you worry less about buying the latest shoes or wasting your money on unnecessary items and focus on your bills first and making smart investments towards your future.

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances.
– Regardless what you do in your life, there will be people watching your every move and judging you. BUT REMEMBER while you’re doing something in your life to make yourself better, they’re wasting their time judging you while you’re climbing up the ladder.

5. You finally start to understand the difference between love and lust.

6. I learned that having too many friends isn’t everything. People aren’t always in it for your best interest.

7. Having your own personal space is VERY important.
– Being alone helps you think through important things in your life and how to make your life better.

8. Drinking isn’t important.

9. Partying isn’t important.

10. Being independent is satisfying.

11. Focusing on your health becomes more important.

12. Sometimes there is a struggle reaching your dreams but hard work pays off.

13. Just because you’re older now doesn’t mean you have to have your life 100% figured out.
– Things come in the way and life changes constantly.

14. It’s ok not to be in a relationship.

15. It’s ok to say NO!

16. It’s ok to make mistakes.

17. Don’t be ashamed to make friendships with unpopular people.

18. Be organized!

19. Make goals and follow through with them – Even if you fail atleast you tried and that’s what is most important.

20. Men will say whatever just to have their way with you.
– Stay strong women!

21. Asking for help is ok, don’t be afraid.

22. Learning something new everyday whether it’s about yourself or just about life in general is very rewarding.

23. If you say you’re going to do something, follow through with it.

24. Most importantly take your time in life and be patient.
– Patience is KEY🔑



Check Him Out For Soca Mix

[Official] / Subscribe: | Dextrous One – Guinness World Record – World’s Youngest Professional Dj – Soca 2017 Mix. Bookings contact Chester: 416-825-6144 or Playlist 1. Wine Up – Kes 2. Leave Me Alone – Calypso Rose ft. Machel Montano 3. Pam Pam – Ketchup 4. Fast Wine – Machel Montano 5. […]

via Worlds Youngest Dj – Dextrous One “2017 Soca Mix” — GloboTimes |

Guys check him out. Youngest DJ I have ever seen and he his pretty good.

Stay Blessed ❤️💛💚

Almost Carnival Time in Jamaica….

From my email it seems like my highly requested blogs for right now are Dancehall and Soca Playlists.   So I figured since carnival time in Jamaica is so close, I figured why not provide you guys with some of my favorite soca songs 🙂

These songs are by no means in any order of my most favorite.

Here we go 🙂

Orlando Octave – Single

Salty and Travis World – Free Up Yuhself

Mr. Legz – Bend Over (Force It Riddim)

Shurwayne Winchester – Girl Born to Wine

Mya & Uncle Ellis – Ray Tay Tay

Kerwin Du Bois – Too Real

Motto ft. Lavaman Hype 4000 and Loose Cannon – Force It (Force It Riddim)

Patrice Roberts – All As One (Force It Riddim)

Bunji Garlin and Stadic – Road Bunx

Kerry John – Drink King

Marvay – Vibrate

Kerwin Du Bois – VIP

Kes The Band – How We Like It

Machel Montano – Wake Up (V13 Riddim)

Vybz Kartel Bunji Garlin – Bicycle Ride (Soca Remix)

Kerwin Du Bois and Teddyson John – New Day

Preedy – On the Low

Destra – Lucy

Bunji Garlin – Good Up (Get on Riddim)

Ricardo Drue and Bunji Garlin – Damage

Machel Montano – Waves

Benjai – Phenomenal

Ricardo Drue – Learn to Wine

Bunji Garlin – Exodus

Who Drinking Rum / Come Out to Win – King Bubba FM

GBM Nutron – Bacchanal

Linky First – Rock and Come In

Angela Hunte and Machel Montano – Party Done

Machel Montano – Lip Service

Lyrikal – Loner

Voice – Far From Finish

Olantuji – Tun Fo Meh

Marz Ville x Unruly Empire – Bang Bim (1 O’Clock Riddim)

Bunji Garlin – Bruk Out

As you can see I absolutely love soca music.  Soca music makes me feel free and is always the music to put me in a good mood.  Soca makes you feel free spirited and not care what others may think of you.  That’s why carnival is one of the most enjoyable parties of the year in Caribbean countries because it’s all about fun and feeling free.  Even if you’re not West Indian, soca music is for EVERYONE.  So any of you that may be travelling for carnival or even if you’re stuck at home and can’t attend carnival play some of these songs from my list and just be happy and stress free in the house.  I love to listen to soca while I’m cleaning.  Cleaning has never been so fun lol:)

Enjoy 🙂

Happy Soca Season to all ❤

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Dry Hair, Dry Scalp, Tender Curly Head :(

If you have naturally curly hair but suffer from itchy scalp, tender head and really bad dry scalp then, I’m here to help you with a few tips.

As you know I swear by apple cider vinegar.  If you have ever watched ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” the way the family feels about Windex curing everything is how i feel about Apple Cider Vinegar.


So there was a young lady who commented on my last apple cider vinegar related blog and she said it worked for her scalp.  This was her comment “I use apple cider vinegar to cleanse my scalp. I have natural hair and after using what seems like every product on the market, I found that this works best. It restores ph balance to my hair making it soft and manageable. I love it!”  So after I read her comment I figured since I am such a firm believer in apple cider vinegar, why not try it in my hair?……

I could only remember trying it in my hair once and couldn’t recall the results because I didn’t keep up with it.

Unruly, dry and losing curl pattern 😦

So, I decided to give it another try and keep up with it for every wash and of course it did not disappoint.

The first thing I did was just pour the pure apple cider vinegar all over my hair and scalp and left it in all day, and went to look about my errands.

Then when I came home and was ready to wash my hair, I left in theapple cider vinegar and used my regular everyday shampoo to soap up my hair.

The shampoo that I use is ‘Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo‘ or ‘Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo.’

Because of my bad scalp I tend to wash my hair three times.

Then, I use my ‘Aussie Moisture Conditioner‘ which I love because it makes my curls luxurious, and not to mention it is affordable.  Another conditioner that I love is ‘AMLA Legend‘ it definitely leaves your hair soft and shiny.

Now although those conditioners work for my hair it doesn’t keep my hair feeling moisturized all week.

But just by simply adding the apple cider vinegar to my hair regimen. I can say I definitely see a difference.  It makes my hair feel soft until my next wash.  Most times I would have to wash my hair more than once a week because my scalp would be so itchy and my scalp would be very tender.  Now I can leave my hair for 2 weeks without any problem and without my scalp feeling irritated.  Since using the apple cider vinegar the flakes on my scalp have reduced tremendously.

S/N- A way that may help tender scalp is by avoiding sulfate and paraben free shampoos.

So, if you have unruly curls and a bad scalp try this method because apple cider vinegar definitely does wonders for my scalp and hair.

Results since I started using apple cider vinegar 🙂

Stay Blessed ❤ .

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Facial Eczema… How do I handle it?

Do you live in cold climates?  Being from Jamaica and traveling back and forth to the different climates.  I can definitely say my skin reacts differently in the different weathers.

And I can say my worst outbreaks happen in cold climate….

Does anyone else experience these problems?  If you do here’s a way to keep your eczema under control….

First I use olive oil or coconut oil and rub it in all over my face especially my really bad affected areas, which in my case would be my cheeks.

eczema bad 1
My face all dried up and irritated 😦

Then I use pure raw honey and rub it in all over and wherever I feel needs most attention.  Wherever I feel needs more attention I use a little extra honey in those affected areas because they suck up more moisturizer because the area is so dry.

I massage the honey into my skin, then I leave it on my face until I see the honey dried up and somewhat disappearing.

Next I wash it off, dry my face with a towel and then leave my skin.

I don’t put anything on my face once everything is washed off.  I leave my skin alone overnight, so that my skin can breathe.

And that’s it! 🙂

Much improvement and the outbreak calmed down



Honey is a natural antibacterial product which is great for acne or anything that may be in your pores which might be causing your eczema to act up.

Honey makes your skin glow and it has antioxidants which helps rejuvenate your skin and helps the aging of your skin to slow down.  So it can also be used as an anti-aging product.

And of course it helps with extraction and moisturizing.

Hope this helps you guys out there that suffer with extra dry skin like myself.  And I will show future updates as time goes by.

As always Peace && Love ❤ . Stay Blessed

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Dry Skin Facial Scrub Formula… Works Wonders!


All you need is:

1 tbs. yellow refined cornmeal

  • This is what will scrub off any dead skin and impurities from your face.

1 tsp. 100% lemon juice or you can use fresh 1/2 cut lemon. If you don’t have lemon you may use lime.

  • This will help remove any dark spots that you may have on your face

1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar will help restore the ph balance of your face which will help it to not be so dry. Which is very beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin due to cold climates.

1 tbs. honey

  • Honey helps with moisturizing, it helps with exfoliating your face and also cleans your pores not to mention it smells great.



Once you have your mixture together it should have a semi thick consistency.

Now it’s time to scrub your face, start scrubbing, but don’t scrub too hard as the grains of the cornmeal are already coarse enough and you don’t want to irritate your skin. Remember to scrub from your nose to your ears not the other way as you want your facial tissues to always to remain tight. Prevent mixture from getting in your eyes.

Once you’ve scrubbed all over your face and you’re sure you got all the dead skin off, wash the mixture off  your face and remember not to get the mixture in your eyes.



Dry your face feel how smooth it is and rub on a little coconut oil or olive oil or you may use any other face moisturizer that you may lIke so that you replenish your facial tissues as your face has produced new skin since you have gotten rid off all the old damaged skin.

This little remedy helps your skin in so many ways and your face will feel smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Hope this helps you guys! 😁

Sunday Blues…..

Sundays can be an awesome day and for some a depressing day, others a boring day.  What are Sundays like for you?

Why would Sundays be an awesome day to many ?

Well for me, my Sundays used to be so great because I was always surrounded by family. Sundays for me used to be known as family day and the day you go to church. And of course, one of my most favorite things on Sunday is looking forward to Sunday dinner. If you’re a family oriented person like myself you know how great Sunday dinners are, especially in a Jamaican home lol 😊

Why would Sundays be a depressing day?

Sundays can be depressing if you live on your own and no family around. That’s my current situation.  Growing up with a certain tradition, on Sunday being the day to spend with family it can take a toll on you, once that tradition is gone. It can be really hard.

Now the big question is what do I do?  How do I try not to let it get to me?

Now that I live miles and miles away from any of my family. How do I manage?

Well, to tell you many times I don’t handle it very well.  I used to be sad and just try to sleep the day away. I used to cry, sometimes even avoid eating.  Can I tell you, that is not healthy at all so if you’re one of those people, quit while you can.

What I try to do is keep myself motivated, I work out at home or go to the gym, I do things that I like, for instance cooking or practicing my beauty skills, and now picked up blogging. I also try to get hours to work on Sundays and most importantly I video call my family a lot so it’s kind of like filling the empty feeling that I get.

I have tried to make friends, but making friends in the city that I live hasn’t really worked out for me because no one in my city really cares about anyone but themselves and if they act like they are your friends it’s only temporary until they can squeeze out every little thing from you and take advantage of you.  To be honest I’ve never had a real friend from the city in which I live.  Everyone fights to get to the top and be in competition, instead of helping each other reach to the top.

All of my true friends which aren’t that many, but I’ve known for years we also live far from one another. My friends and I are scattered throughout the globe so we don’t physically get to hang out we can just text, call or FaceTime.  But, keeping in contact with them does help also.  Of course, friends don’t replace your family but true friends become like family so they do help the situation a lot.

And of course, this isn’t just advice for Sunday blues, but advice for whenever you’re feeling down and missing your family.  It’s really hard but have faith and even if you’re down remember it won’t always be that way. Have faith that things will get better.

With faith all things are possible. With faith comes success and true happiness.

Don’t let a situation take control of your life. Take control of the situation.

Have a blessed day….

Happy Sunday


I’ve gained so much weight and now I don’t know how to lose it….

Have you gained a lot of weight? Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your body? Well I’m here to help you….

The first step is to find the real reason why you want to lose weight….

Are you losing weight for YOU? Or are you losing weight to impress someone else?  If you are losing weight for you, then keep on reading……

I asked that question firstly because if you aren’t losing weight because YOU want to lose weight then most likely you won’t succeed.  You have to want this from deep within for yourself.

So once you’ve figured out that you want to lose weight for YOU, you’ve overcome the first struggle.

Next, is trying to figure out what made you gain all this weight?  Once you’ve figured out the reason behind it, then think about how you’re going to handle the situation to better your health. Now if you’ve gained weight due to pregnancy then I am not talking about you.  Pregnancy weight is natural for most women, but you are more than welcome to follow the tips that I give.

If you’re an individual who has gained weight due to improper eating, being a couch potato, due to stress, depression or whatever the case may be.  How can you change those situations in your life for the better?

Next is starting proper eating.  I am no advocate for diets because if you’re like me you never stick to diets, and I don’t believe that dieting is a lifestyle.  You want to make healthy eating your lifestyle.

  • First way you can go about proper eating is excluding all the junk food in your house.  You will be surprised to see how empty your kitchen will get.
  • Second make a grocery list and don’t put any junk foods on that list, if you don’t buy it, you won’t be tempted to indulge in it at home.
  • On that grocery list your main items should be fruits, veggies, protein and water. (If you’re going to drink juices then i suggest juicing or buying juices that are made with 100% fruits and veggies with no additives or preservatives.)
  • With your grocery list make sure what you have on there can make tasty meals and don’t just buy foods that you’ll probably waste because it is “too healthy”.  There are tasty foods out there that taste really great you just have to try different things and see what you like best. For instance when I am craving pasta I either buy Ronzoni Garden Delight  Ronzoni SuperGreens Rotini Pasta.  If you have rice on your list then substitute it for Royal Basmati Rice  Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice .  If you’re like me and like sweets then I say buy Nestle, Skinny Cow or trail mix with chocolates

So these are just examples of eating what you want to eat but choosing the healthier way. Remember just because it is healthier doesn’t mean you eat more of it.  Everything is about moderation. If you would like me to post a blog going in depth about what I put on my grocery list let me know.

Once you have you have started eating healthier you will already notice a difference in your body and you will feel more energized.  Most importantly you have won half the battle.

Next step is becoming active….

That doesn’t mean to sign up for a gym membership that you’ll probably stop using after awhile because you became tired of the gym or go running when you know you hate running.

Becoming active is all about doing things you like to do without thinking of it as a chore. For instance if you have a dog that you love then take him for a walk instead of just letting him loose in the backyard.  You will be able to bond with him and both you and your dog will get your heart rate pumping.  Or if you don’t feel like walking with your dog go out in the backyard and play with him.

If there is a school with a track or park nearby use that as your exercise territory instead of a gym membership that is how i started out losing weight and saved my money.  I started out first walking around the track then going up and down the bleacher steps and it didn’t seem like a chore to me because I was outdoors and interacted with other people.

Or if you’re a home body or if you live in a cold climate then you can invest in some AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand  or  Wacces Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart & Resistance Band Carrying Case, 11 Piece resistance bands for basic workouts just to get yourself started.

Last step is sticking to this lifestyle.  Once you get used to the positive and healthy changes you have made in your life then it will just come as part of your normal daily routine and not seem dreadful.

Make the change in your life, you won’t regret it!

Leave your comments below if you would like me to show exercises that you can do, I’d love to post them for you and you will get future blogs going in depth about questions you may have.

And if you have any beneficial input that you would like to share with others, leave a comment below.

Interact with me let me know what you’d like me to talk about in future blogs.

As always much love ❤

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Bleaching in Jamaica…..

First of all I’m going to say I am not judging anyone who wants to bleach their skin, to each his own.  But, the mindset of the whole bleaching trend is what I want to talk about.

Now bleaching has been around forever, from before I was born, and as the years go by it has become more and more popular due to people on the street seeing others do it and wanting to try it for themselves, or from the media in Jamaica promoting it.


We all know who Vybz Kartel is, he is a legend in the dancehall community.  With him having so much recognition, he has become a big influence in the people bleaching today from him promoting bleaching and cake soap in his songs and videos to him doing it to his own skin.  If you grew up on Vybz Kartel music like I did, you would know that he bleaches his skin even if he never promoted it, you would know, that is how much his skin color has changed.   I went to his birthday party in January and you guys should have seen how they had a huge table with cake soap for sale and so many men and women were buying it.  He has definitely been making a profit from this soap.


For those who don’t know what cake soap is.  Cake soap is what people in Jamaica use to wash their clothes.  Now that tells you how harsh and strong the chemicals are in cake soap.


Now, Kartel does the whole bleaching thing because he wants to and i guess forhis own personal reason whatever they may be.  But, I was watching this video where different people were talking about why they bleach their skin and the comments were just mind blowing.

Some people couldn’t say why they bleach their skin, they said they do it just because they wanted to. Some were asked if they didn’t like their complexion, they said they loved their natural complexion, but they wanted change.  OK…

In an interview a lady was asked why would you bleach if the chemicals in the cake soap can cause cancer? And do you know what the response was? “Oh mi can just go a doctor and pay fi dem cure me.”  Really now?  I neva know seh is suh it go.  What do you guys think? lol

Another lady who was questioned about her bleaching said that she had to stop because she had become pregnant, which is commendable because she was looking out for her child but then she said that she started back the day after her child was born.  Now don’t you think that just even having the baby exposed to the chemicals in your house can affect the child.

If you’re Jamaican you have seen the ‘bleachaz’ on the road and the way they dress.  Now me being from Jamaica I could never dress like the ‘bleachaz’ because I would be too hot.  They can’t be exposed to any sunlight so they are covered from head to toe with umbrellas, hats, glasses, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, knee high socks.  Now with the climate in Jamaica how can one ever be comfortable with all that clothing? Like you can tell who’s bleaching most times because of how they dress.

Like I said I am not passing any judgment, I just think this bleaching trend is very interesting and fascinating.  Let me know what you think!

Leave comments…….

One love ❤

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